Driveway Pavement Cleaning Services

Driveways and concrete surfaces like patios and sidewalks take a lot of abuse from vehicles, rain, sun and other weather conditions. Keeping these areas clean can greatly enhance the overall visual appeal of your home in Gloucester and Mathew, VA.

While you can use a garden hose and scrubbing brush, professional pressure washing offers faster, more thorough cleaning.

Curb Appeal

Over time your concrete and driveway can become discolored with various contaminants. Since concrete is a porous surface dirt can penetrate and stain the concrete, oil from parked cars can drip on the driveway or patio and fertilizer or weed growth can leave unsightly stains on your pavers and drive. Keeping these areas clean and stain free helps retain the value of your property and enhances the curb appeal of your home. Dirty and stained sidewalks and driveways can discourage potential buyers from viewing your home online or from walking-in to see your listing. Having a clean driveway and concrete is especially important in neighborhoods with a HOA as it maintains the perceived value of your property.

Let us help you restore your property’s value and curb appeal with our professional concrete and drive cleaning services.


Concrete is a porous surface that can be damaged by oil and other contaminants. Having your concrete surfaces cleaned regularly will prevent permanent staining and keep your home looking new. It will also help prevent slippery conditions caused by fungi spores that grow on dirty concrete surfaces. This can pose a safety hazard for you, your family and pets.

A good driveway cleaning professional will use eco-friendly cleaners that aren’t harmful to the environment and won’t run off into your lawn or garden. They’ll then advise you on drying times so that your driveway is safe to use as soon as possible.

Once your concrete is clean, they’ll recommend a sealing treatment to protect it from future stains. They’ll be able to advise you on topical or penetrating sealers depending on your driveway type and how it will be used. They’ll also have a range of colors to choose from so that your concrete looks great for longer.


Concrete driveways are extremely durable, able to withstand heavy vehicles and everyday wear and tear. They also offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners, with low maintenance costs over time. However, concrete can easily stain due to its light color, requiring regular power washing and cleaning services to keep it looking fresh.

Driveway cleaning professionals use powerful pressure washers with special detergents that are safe for your driveway’s surface. They also follow a pre-treatment process to reduce any damage caused by the cleaning process. This will minimize the amount of scrubbing required to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Once your concrete is clean, your cleaner will recommend a sealer treatment to protect your driveway or patio from future stains. This is optional but an excellent way to extend the life of your investment and add a gleaming finish that enhances curb appeal. Your professional will advise you on the best type of sealant for your concrete or paver surface and provide advice on drying times.

Keeping your concrete and asphalt surfaces clean will help you get the maximum value out of your home improvement projects. Whether you are thinking about adding borders, landscaping or lighting to your garden or installing a new concrete driveway, a clean appearance will make these upgrades look great and increase the overall resale value of your property.


A well-maintained concrete or paver driveway can enhance the value of your home. If you plan to sell in the future a clean and pristine surface will be one of the first things potential buyers notice when viewing your property. Regular cleaning will also prevent organic stains such as algy mildew and other unsightly growths. A professional pressure washing service uses eco-friendly chemicals to ensure that your plants and lawn are not exposed to harsh cleaning agents that could damage or stain them. This way you can enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained driveway without worrying about your yard becoming an eyesore.